Until very recently the most modern or scientifically forward use of water that we could come to think of was, generating electricity. As it is still relevant and most of us are still dependant on it; it comes as no surprise that water is eternally more powerful than what we ever imagined. It always is viewed soft or flowy in its liquid form; yet we have seen it becoming destructive in unfathomable ways. From uprooting whole buildings during floods to tipping off structures that weigh tons and tons during tsunamis, water packs a serious punch we could say. But now with advancement of technology we have found ways to harness that power in to things that benefit us in ways we never expected.


This is also known as hydroblasting, and waterblasting as well. It is a technique of using a high-pressurized stream to remove concrete and asphalt. Ever since it was first tested in 1970 it has been used all over the world as a concrete removal and surface preparing technique. Hydrodemolition offers an array of benefits to the environment. No dust pollution or noise pollution, and also the ability to collect and or reuse and dispose of the used water are prominent amongst them. 

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Pressure washing

Known as industrial high pressure cleaning as well, this is a method of using a powerful jet of water to remove dirt, mud, grime, paint particles or sticky things from surfaces of buildings, floors, roads or even vehicles. The pressure of the stream, measured in gallons or liters per minute, can be adjusted according to the surface. These washers come in models that will be used with either hot or cold water, and some of them even have the capacity to use detergent or a chemical suitable for the appliance.

Water Jet

As the name implies, it is a technology to precision cut with a jet torrent. This process is incredibly versatile; to give you a simple idea, this could be used from slicing vegetables to concrete cutting. Yes that’s how adaptable this technique is. Not only that, it comes with a load of advantages as opposed to cutting with steel or other metals; such as safety, due to the fact that workers are not exposed to abrasive equipment. And also is the saving of labor; for an example, a designated one inch jet nozzle can cut through 100ft in coal mining appliances. One of the major reasons why this system is used so widely is because it does not interfere with the temperature of whatever material that it is used on. This is important in keeping the inherent properties intact as certain compositions tend to react or transform as they are exposed to heat. Check this link http://www.toxfree.com.au/ to find out more details.

Cutting “edge” Of Water

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