Driving is something that not just adults do, but also something that a lot of teenagers and minors do as well. In most countries the legal age for a person to be able to drive is eighteen while in some countries it is sixteen. However this does not mean that everyone who is driving in the world is doing so legally. In countries like Australia, the rate of drivers who face accidents due to alcohol consumption has risen to about thirty one percent while thirty percent of those result in someone dying. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is something that is considered illegal in any place in the world however the amount of drivers who still do so has not yet reduced in any manner. When we are driving we must remember that not just our life is on stake but the lives of our passengers and the people on the road around us are important as well. If a police suspects a person of driving while drinking, they can face a lot of different legal charges so here are a few things to remember if it happens.

Hire a lawyer
The very first thing that you must try and do is to ask the police or the authorities to let you talk to drink driving lawyers Penrith. This is something you have to do because if you do not have a lawyer backing you up then the authorities are going to get the best of you! There are many DUI attorneys that you can consult and they will be happy to handle your case for you and get your charge out of the way.

Do not refuse orders
When the police or the authorities first suspect you are under the influence of alcohol while driving they are going to want to test you. They do this by letting you breathe in to something and this is known as a breath – screening test. If you refuse to do this you might be charge even further and this time you might even be refused to hire criminal lawyers Parramatta as well so you must always remember to never refuse the police. They might even ask you to hand them a blood test and it is your responsibility as a citizen under charge to obey their orders without fail.

Know your charges
Some individuals do not know anything about their charge enough to point out that the authorities have done something wrong to you. If you can get advice from an attorney or if you know the law enough you would be able get a defense for your case. style=”float: right;” title=”lawyer-firm.jpg” src=”/userfiles/bpimages/lawyer-firm.jpg” alt=”lawyer-firm” width=”144″ height=”103″ />

How To Get Out Of A Drunk Driving Charge The Right Way?

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