Two extremely important factors in a workplace that can directly determine the quality and efficiency of the work you do is cleanliness and good lighting. It does not matter whether your workplace is a warehouse, office or even a construction site, good lighting can make a world of difference and help reduce workplace accidents as well as to improve productivity of all employees. Good lighting should be present throughout the cubicles, hallways, stairwells and conference rooms in an office setting. A few ideas on how this correlates with the productivity rate in an office is mentioned below. 

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Conference Rooms

A conference room in an office is a multiuse space that is used by almost all the workers in an office setting for varying purposes. These purposes vary from taking notes to conducting presentations and large scale meetings and therefore having flexible lighting is an essential factor. A conference room with poor lighting would not only give your company’s brand a bad name in front of clients, it would result in your employees developing eye strains and headaches. Installation of LED strip lights are a good option for a conference room as they are energy efficient and they give a more modern feel to any room.

Employee Cubicles

While extremely poor lighting can cause severe eye strain in an employee, harsh and bright light can lead to them developing headaches and migraines. The trick to having a well-lit cubicle is to encompass as much natural light as possible instead of solely relying on the workplace lighting. However, natural light alone is insufficient and experts recommend using lighting such as the 12v downlights to provide the necessary overhead lighting needed in a cubicle. A cubicle with proper ambience will set the tone and provide a more welcoming environment for an employee to work in. That is how the productivity rate of an employee will directly be impacted by lighting.

Hallways and Stairways

Although work is not executed in a hallway or stairway of an office, the lighting in these areas still impact the productivity rates as they are still a part of the workplace environment. As these areas are used in the transport of paperwork and other materials, good lighting here can help improve the efficiency of the work of any employee. Furthermore, there is an increased chance of workplace accidents happening if there is bad lighting in places such as stairwells. Thus it is important to have an eco-friendly, flexible lighting plan throughout all the areas in an office space.

The Importance Of Having A Well Lit Workplace

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